Forms & Report Filing

Filing a Police Report

For most incidents that occur, a voluntary statement form is needed. Please fill out the Voluntary Statement or and bring it into the police department. We can provide you with a case number upon submission of the statement. You can also use the online reporting system for the City of Milton through South Sound 911.

Request Copy of Police or Collision Report

South Sound 911 processes all request for Police reports. Visit the South Sound 911 website for more information.

To request a copy or a vehicle collision or accident report, visit the Washington State Patrol website

Vacation Checks

The residence vacation check request form is to have your home checked periodically while you are away. Please complete the form and bring it into the police department or email it. to the Police Clerk. . For questions, please call 253-922.8735 ext. 2726

Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL)

The Milton Police Department is contracted with South Sound 911 to provide concealed pistol licenses. Learn more about this service on the South Sound website

Pistol Transfer Applications (PTA)

Effective May 1, 2016, the Milton Police Department will not process Pistol Transfer Applications. Please contact South Sound 911 to process application. South Sound 911 will not accept faxed applications. Your options are:

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal history and background checks can be conducted using the Washington State Patrol Watch System. This site will help you get a background check done for employment, rental agreements or other purposes.