Electric Division

The City of Milton is an independent electric utility, purchasing power needs directly from the Bonneville Power Administration. This purchased power is then transmitted across Tacoma Power transmission lines to the City. The City has it’s own line crew that performs needed repairs and maintenance, as well as responding to power outages as they occur, regardless of when they occur. Currently, the City of Milton has 3,563 electric connections.

Permits & Inspections

Inspections on high voltage installations are performed by the City of Milton Electrical Department. Permits and inspections for low voltage commercial and residential properties are performed by Tacoma Power. The phone number for Tacoma Power is 253-502-8659.


The City of Milton’s Electric Division is comprised of two bucket trucks, a Derrick digger crane, a flat bed, two pick-up trucks, reel and pole trailers and other smaller miscellaneous equipment.

The crew routinely maintains existing power lines, installs new services, and attends to emergencies and weather related issues at all times.

Electric Rates

 You can find current electric rates in Milton Multiple Code Chapter 13.08.280.

To set up a new electric utility account or make changes to an existing account, visit the utilities page.