Welcome to Milton! We hope this information will answer any questions you may have regarding Utilities.

When you purchase a home in our service area, we require an Owners Registration Form be completed and sent in with a copy of your current ID. We will only discuss your account specifics with those listed on the account, so if more than one owner, please list them as well. 


If you choose to rent out your property, there are several things you need to be aware of. 

  • In Milton, all utility accounts stay in the name of the owner, and only the owner or authorized Property Manager may make changes to the account.
  • If the owner would like for the tenant to receive copies of the bills, the owner will need to submit the Property Owner Request for Additional Bill Copies.  There is a monthly $3.00 fee for this additional copy each month.
  • If the tenant fails to pay the utility bill, the owner will be responsible for all charges including, but not limited to, the utility bill, penalties, and any other utility billing fees.
  • Tenants may access their bills online by registering at Xpress Bill Pay.  The easiest way for them to register and view their bills online is to contact Xpress Bill Pay directly at 800-766-2350 and speak to a customer service representative.  They will need the account number. 
  • Important to remember – when the tenant moves out, they must log on to Xpress and remove their account.
  • When a tenant who is receiving Bill Copies is about to move out, you will need to complete the Property Owner Request for Additional Bill Copies form to STOP the Duplicate Billing. 
  • When tenants move out, there is a Final Read fee added to the final bill.  Please note, the final bills are sent to the owner or Property Managers only, as every property owner has their own procedures for tenant move outs.